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Scheduled Events & Appearances

See STEPHEN MICHAEL SHEARER schedule on home page

STEPHEN MICHAEL SHEARER is available for book signings and lecturing.


Mr. Shearer will be appearing at several book signings and book festivals across the U.S. and Europe in 2024. He will also be appearing on radio, television and in print media. (New York, NY; Washington, DC; Chicago, IL; Minneapolis, MN; Las Vegas, NV; Los Angeles, CA; La Jolla, CA, San Francisco, CA: Portland, OR)

Gloria Swanson: Hollywood's First Glamour Queen (2024)


Glamour & Style: The Beauty of Hedy Lamarr (2022)

Gloria Swanson: The Ultimate Star

Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr

Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life (Upadted in 2021) U.S. Movie release date for "TO OLIVIA" 2022)

Produced by Reframed Pictures in association with American Masters, the new documentary Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story explores how Lamarr’s true legacy is that of a technological trailblazer. The film premieres nationwide May 18, 2018, at 9 p.m. on PBS (check local listings) and will be available to stream the following day via pbs.org/americanmasters and PBS apps.
Lamarr never publicly talked about her life as an inventor and so her family thought her story died when she did. However, in 2016, director Alexandra Dean and producer Adam Haggiag unearthed four never-before-heard audio tapes of Lamarr speaking on the record about her incredible life, finally giving her the chance to tell her own story. Family, friends and colleagues, including Mel Brooks and the late Robert Osborne, also share their personal memories of Lamarr, explaining the atmosphere that created the disconnect between her brilliance and her beauty. Bombshell: The Hedy Lamarr Story world premiered at the 2017 Tribeca Film Festival, earned multiple awards at film festivals and was named Best Documentary by the New York Film Critics Online.

See Stephen Michael Shearer as he helps to narrate this documentary project. See the IMDB link below for full cast details:

Stephen Michael Shearer at D.G. Wills Books “Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr”
Part I - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fsppT5ewi3s
Part II - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Kdpcad5EFFA
Part III - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ar-g2YkV7ho
Part IV - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wkjm8pq53Dg
Part V - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHEX-mE5gjY
Part VI - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xHEX-mE5gjY

Patricia Neal & Stephen Michael Shearer at D.G. Wills Books, La Jolla, CA 2007:
Parts One through Five





 "LIVE BROADCAST TONIGHT" Tuesday, December 8th - Stephen Michael Shearer, best selling author, returns tonight to talk about Hollywood legend, Hedy Lamarr! His book, "Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr" shares stories from the early days of Hollywood and Stephen tells all of the juicy stories you'll want to hear before buying the book! 


PART TWO - VIP Superstar Guest Star on an episode of Rated G Radio! - PART TWO

Garrett Miller interviews Film Historian and Author - Stephen Michael Shearer about his book "Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life". - Wednesday, April 29, 2015 - PART TWO

PART ONE - VIP Superstar Guest Star on an episode of Rated G Radio! - PART ONE

Garrett Miller interviews Film Historian and Author - Stephen Michael Shearer about his book "Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life". - Tuesday, February 17, 2015 - PART ONE

The Museum of Modern Art

THANK YOU TO ALL who attended the Wednesday, June 12, 2013 showing of "ZAZA". Film Historian & Author, Stephen Michael Shearer spoke about his latest book, "Gloria Swanson: The Ultimate Star (Thomas Dunne Books) at MOMA as part of the Film Series: "Allan Dwan and Rise and Decline of the Hollywood Studios".

Mr. Shearer introduced the film "ZAZA" and held a short Q&A prior to the showing of the film. "ZAZA (1923)" starring Gloria Swanson, H.B. Warner, Ferdinand Gottschalk, Lucille La Verne, and Mary Thurman. The first of eight pairings of rising star Swanson with Dwan is a tale of the affairs of a Parisian music hall entertainer. Swanson remembered it as "the fastest, easiest, most enjoyable picture I had ever made," and the film won her many accolades and was a big hit at the box office. 80 Minute Silent film with musical accompaniment.

The New Book Posters Are Ready!

THANK YOU TO ALL who attended the recently New Digital Cinema Restoration of "SUNSET BOULEVARD" (1950) DCP Presentation on Thursday, May 30, 2013 at 7:30P at the Historic Heights Theater in Minneapolis, MN. This special screening included Film Historian and Author Stephen Michael Shearer who introduced the film and hosted a Q&A following the film. (ALL SEATS $8.00. Advance tickets available)

Starring GLORIA SWANSON, WILLIAM HOLDEN, ERICH VON STROHEIM, NANCY OLSON. Directed by BILLY WILDER. The story of a hack screenwriter who falls in the clutches of a deranged silent film star is the poisoned pill of our series and one of the most entertaining cynical films about Hollywood ever. Upon its release in 1950 there were many big wigs in Hollywood who were horrified and angry with Paramount for producing such a bleak tale of Hollywood…that is until it became a run away hit and then they all wondered why they didn’t think of it first. A true classic! DCP courtesy Paramount Pictures.

B&N HarMar Mall - Roseville, MN 09/12/2011

Film Historian & Author Stephen Michael Shearer

Presenting the newly released trade paperback edition of "Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life" at Barnes & Noble Booksellers at the historic HarMar Mall in Roseville, MN.

(Twin Cities of Minneapolis/St. Paul, MN)

Thank you all who attended this event.

Historic Heights Theater - 08/28/2011

Film Historian & Author Stephen Michael Shearer, author of Patricia Neal: An Unquiet Life and Beautiful: The Life of Hedy Lamarr. Stephen, who is currently finishing up his manuscript for Gloria Swanson: The Ultimate Star, presented Sunset Boulevard and hosted a special Q & A after the film at the historic Heights Theater in Columbia Heights, MN (Twin Cities) on August 28, 2011.

Heights Theater
3951 Central Ave NE
Columbia Heights, MN 55421

Roseville, MN (Barnes & Noble) December 5, 2010

Har Mar Mall was built in 1961, as Harold J Slawik had a vision to build a "super mall" which included a number of larger department as well as smaller stores. At the time in 1961 very few "super malls" had been built in the midwest. Deriving its name from its owners, Harold J Slawik and his wife Marie Slawik. Har Mar is a combination of the two names. Harold and Marie. Be certain to check out the Barnes & Noble Booksellers at the Har Mar Mall; Roseville, Minnesota.

Joe Franklin interviews Stephen Michael Shearer about Elizabeth Taylor (NYC, April 11, 2011)

Bloomberg On the Weekend

Saturdays 3am - 4am, 1pm - 2pm, 7pm - 8pm; Sundays 1am - 2am ET

Hear Ed Koch and Al D'Amato's "Touch of Clash" and Joe Franklin's show business interviews in this radio magazine.

Authors Beverly Washburn & Stephen Michael Shearer

Beverly Washburn was one of Hollywood's most familiar child actors during the 1950s and '60s, a consummate performer who excelled at both comedy and drama with equal ease.

"REEL TEARS: The Beverly Washburn Story"